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We have specialized in providing Photo Etched details for
the Railroad Modeler in the model train industry since 1989.

This web site is always in update mode!(sometimes it just takes a while....)

Please Note

Plano Model Products has been producing and selling Photo etch model train details for 25 years. During those 25 years we have grown our product line to over 400 products. We have striven to keep those products in stock at all times. Even our very first product, the Walthers Steel Coil walkway set, can still be purchased today. Many of our products are designed to fit specific models, some of them produced before we started our line.

With the continuous changes in the model train industry and the time needed to maintain our product line, we feel it is time to trim the line. We have started discontinuing product when the product is sold out. At this time there are slim chances of a product coming back once sold out. Some products may survive longer then others. There is not of list of what will go and what will stay. There is not a list of what will go right away and will be here longer . That all depends customer needs and our supply.

What we are saying is, it might be time to plan your projects and make sure you have what you need while it is available. We have posted a link, in our menu on the left, to a 6 page PDF file listing all of our products. This list will be updated regularly. Read/Print the list and see if there is anything you need while it is available. If you have a project set back you have been planning to build and might want to add one or more of our details to it. we want you to consider if you will want it or not. Plan now while it is available.

We want to thank all of our customers over all these years. We appreciate all of your support of our products and keeping us going for the last 25 years. We plan to be around for a few more years, just at a reduced size.

Best Regards

Plano Model Products

Did you know...

We have been producing our line of photoetched details since 1989.

All of our products are produced in the USA.
Some of our products still have their original prices.

We have over 400 products in our line.

Are you looking for the latest new products we have released? Our Whats New page lists our newest products and was last updated Aug. 6 2014.

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