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We have specialized in providing Photo Etched details for
the Railroad Modeler in the model train industry since 1989.

This web site is always in update mode!(sometimes it just takes a while....)

Did you know...

We have been producing our line of photoetched details since 1989.
All of our products are produced in the USA.
Some of our products still have their original prices.
We have over 400 products in our line.

Are you looking for the latest new products we have released? Our Whats New page lists our newest products and was last updated Aug. 6 2014.

Facing reality that I have more models than I really need, have room for or time to build. The models I have for sale are on this Yard sale page

A family member has decided that it is time to let someone else enjoy their collection of Holiday Barbie's. Descriptions and prices are posted here.


We went online: July 1st 1999