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We have specialized in producing Photo Etched details for
the Railroad Modeler in the model train industry since 1989.

This web site is always in update mode!(sometimes it just takes a while....)

MAY 3rd 2024 - Web shopping cart is currently not working due to a web host migration issue. Hope to get it fixed soon. Your patience is appreciated!
May 29th

- Update. Yes, the web site shopping cart is still broke. At this time there has not been any decision on how or what will be done to resolve this. In the mean time we are suggesting using the following method to place an order.
Email your order desires to us
Include your shipping address for accurate shipping costs
We will send you a confirmation receipt for you to review and verify we have it all correct.
Then we will send a PayPal Invoice allowing you to pay with option of your choice

Yes it is a few extra steps and we are not really happy about it either. But for now it will have to due as we know there are faithful modelers out there looking for some of our products - that we would like to sell as well!

Thank you again for patience and understanding, it is appreciated!


Please Note, We are unable to do any custom and/or specialty work!


We went online: July 1st 1999